Organic Colombia Narino 'Cafe Santana'

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Region: Narino
Elevation: 1850-2100m
Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Cup Notes: Dark Chocolate, Black Cherry
This Association was officially formed in December 2019, however, it has been working with the community for 5 years in the Department of Nariño, covering municipalities such as San Lorenzo, San Pedro de Cartago, La Unión, Colón Génova and Sancisa . Its main objective is to promote differentiated work with the producer, supporting it in obtaining high-quality coffee where the economic benefit is noticeable, improving and helping their quality of life. Additionally, for the Association it is very important to continue the ongoing improvement of the quality of the coffee and for this reason they carry out visits, ad perform reviews and tests to help them provide solutions at no cost to the producer.

Objectives: To expand the supply of certified organic Colombian coffee, including such unique and special origins as Nariño. Generate sustainable marketing of 100 small producer families from Nariño, average farm size 2 hectares. Environmental, social and economic impact 6 regions within the department of Nariño through the payment of premiums for organic certificates.

SOCIAL PROJECTS Create a concise and traceable data base for social and environmental projects with the producers of the group; some examples are honey water treatment plants, reforestation, training in environmentally friendly agricultural practices, improvement of housing infrastructure and production. Refine a project for roasters who want to create a long-term bond, support projects and have a direct relationship with the group.