Guatemala 'Covadonga'

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Elevation: 1700 - 1950 Meters 
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed

Covadonga has been in the family for over 100 years (it was founded in 1910), and has always been a
sustainable agricultural operation, which started mainly a forestry business activity. In time, Covadonga evolved to
be a Fine Coffee producing farm, serving mostly the high end specialty coffee market. This is mainly as a result of
the farm ́s high altitude, good clayish soils and varietals. In addition, the farm takes pride in being fully sustainable.
In other words, everything that is produced at Covandonga is used to ensure the finest quality of specialty coffee.
This feat is accomplished by our hardworking helpers and our constant processes of innovation.
Furthermore, all areas that do not fully produce coffee are focused on forestry. In these areas, both native
and planted Native Species are grown and managed through very thorough standards, with the purpose of
maintaining the delicate balance within the ecosystem. All while working within government approved practices and
regulations, imposed by the National Institute of Forestry (INAB), and The National Coffee Association.
Coffee is wet milled at Beneficio de Café La Esperanza in Antigua Guatemala.